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2015年10月20日 (火曜日)

Ham QTH日本語化 !

Hamqth_japanese無料でフルサービスが使えるコールサインデータベース、 HamQTHから登録者向けにメールが届いています。

HamQTH news
Hi, I'd like to inform you what's new at HamQTH.com News: whole website is running on HTTPS thanks to Toru, JG1EIQ we have HamQTH translated to Japanese a few bugs in design header picture have been fixed page shows cookies information (EU laws)

JTAlert by VK3AMA supports HamQTH It took me some time but whole page is now using https. The developers API is still available also over http to keep backward compatibility. If you find any problem, please let me know.

HamQTH now supports 14 languages. If the list doesn't include your language, it would be great if you could translate the website. Click on the link below to keep your profile up to date, please. If you're no longer interested in hearing from us, simply click on unsubscribe below and we won't send you any more newsletters.

73 Petr, OK2CQR - HamQTH.com owner




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